July 19, 2016

Peace, Love & Zara Taylor Jewellery

             All you really need in life is a little peace and love, and good jewellery of course. When it comes to Zara Taylor’s London-based brand, you can have all three. I was introduced to Taylor’s creations firsthand at her boutique in East Dulwich. The shop was a treasure trove of temptations, an Aladdin’s cave. Chains and rings melded with semiprecious stones and gems caught my magpie eyes. That makes Taylor the magical genie granting our every wish, and she is happy to do so by making minor alterations in-store. Tucked inside a little alcove of the boutique is her workshop, where she tinkers to her heart’s content – the fruits of her labor laid out only a few steps away on warm wooden displays.

             Taylor scours vintage markets for unique and quirky finds to incorporate into her jewellery, and it is this love for vintage that inspired her to launch her designs in 2010. That influence is very much alive in her boutique, with it’s inviting décor and homey feel. She even operates from an antique cash register, the kind that essentially lets out a jubilant “Ka-ching!” each time a transaction is made. Taylor was born and raised in South London and is of Irish and Thai descent. This multiculturalism, coupled with her travelling experiences, informs her creative process today. The result is a range of eclectic jewellery that maintains a vintage feel at its heart – the more, the merrier!

             Celebrities such as Fearne Cotton, Kelly Rowland, Jessie J, Taylor Swift, and Millie Mackintosh (who wore the Peace & Love Earrings on an episode of Made in Chelsea) are fans of Taylor's work. If that wasn't enough of a selling point already, the prices for all of the pieces are relatively low, while the cost of impact is high, high, high!             

             Rather than being encased in glass, as at most jewellery shops, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are eager to be picked up and put on. Each piece is meant to feel like an heirloom. An article entitled “Rich Mix” by Ellie Pithers in the March issue of Vogue proposed heirlooms as the new “it” accessory. They’re making a comeback in a big way. We want to feel connected and emotionally attached to our jewellery more than ever before. The Future Laboratory, a consultancy responsible for trend forecasting, “sees [it] as part of a broader shift in the luxury market towards storytelling.” 

             Every heirloom has to start somewhere and with Taylor’s jewellery, you can create your own story. Whether that story involves evil eyes, subtlety, gothic skulls, dainty amulets, exotic animals, notice-me pendants, chokers, charms, or metals, there’s something for everyone to begin telling theirs. Besides, since Vogue is the fashion bible, it would be sacrilege not to obey...

             Unlike a thieving magpie, I was given my treasures to take away with me and I will now share how I styled them. Jewellery polishes off any outfit and presents so many opportunities for self-expression. The most exciting part resides in the fact that these same pieces can be styled in a myriad of different ways, depending on each individuals' personal preferences. 

             For my first outfit, I wore Zara Taylor's Peace & Love Ring in silver, the Peace Stud Earrings in white, and the Peace & Love Long Chain Pendant in silver. Since it's festival season, I opted for a bohemian look with fringing, patterns, and a flower crown, adorned with the recurring peace and love motif, which naturally screams hippie chic. I would like to give a big thank you to my friend, Christian Johnson, for taking the following photos. 

             To get in touch with my inner Pink Lady à la Grease, I wore Zara Taylor's Crystal Ear Jacket Earrings in gold and the Diamond Shaped Ring in gold for my second outfit. I can't get enough of front-back earrings at the moment and these Zara Taylor ones are the perfect addition to my growing collection with crystals that catch the light. I would like to give a big thank you to my friend, Sunna Naseer, for taking the following photos. 

             Now it's your turn to get shopping and get styling! Check out the Zara Taylor Jewellery website here or pay a visit to the boutique in East Dulwich.

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