April 16, 2015

London Fashion Kick Serves up Italian Style

I had a great night attending London Fashion Kick's fashion show at Rumour, photo courtesy of Hasan Chowdhury
             Most Londoners balk at the idea of traveling to any zones past four on the Underground. However, I ventured to Bromley in zone five very happily on a cool March evening, all in the name of fashion.  In an Italian takeover, London Fashion Kick hosted a fashion show at the bar Rumour, complete with Italian brands and Italian food afterwards. The mini arancini, or rice balls, were to die for! The company itself offers the necessary “kick” that designers need to launch their brands to a wider audience through organizing fashion shows and events, while also offering management and PR services.

             Bloggers, journalists, photographers and creatives alike gathered at the venue. I arrived early to scope it out, which allowed me to easily slide my way into a front row seat and choose the artistically designed goodie bag of my choice. I knew I had to grab one with a “BLACK IS BACK” pin, especially as someone who wears black probably far too often. Although, you saw my spring-appropriate skirt above, right?! The bag also contained an assortment of leaflets and discounts for the brands that would appear later in the fashion show, some Faby nail polishes in poppy colors, a Bohemian Jewellery Tattoos collection, a bag charm from Luna Storta, and two more pins from Tiziana Mancarella: “KEEP ON SHINING” and “PINK’S NOT DEAD.”

Goodie bags galore!
             My American accent was clearly discernible amongst the infectious Italian, but I soon was chatting with the lovely Brits Darel and Grace of Bohemian Jewellery Tattoos (watch this space for an upcoming product review). Perfect for the warmer months when it’s time to shown some skin, the metallic patterns are temporary tattoos for grown-ups. Naturally, I had to try out a glittering tribal band on my arm and for someone who’s far too faddy, it was just the right amount of commitment without getting cold feet. Check out the brand here

With Darel and Grace of Bohemian Jewellery Tattoos, sporting one of the brand's tribal designs, photo courtesy of Hasan Chowdhury
             The long-legged model beauties soon made an appearance and all eyes were on them for the main event. Tiziana Mancarella was the first and possibly my favorite brand of the night. Reminiscent of The Pink Ladies from the film Grease, the models rocked the slogans “Black is Back,” “Keep on shining,” and “Pink's not dead” on the back of fringed jackets, which were decorated with the same pins that were gifted to the guests. Elements of punk rock and street style were injected into the collection, while leather and chrome provided the ultimate lesson in “cool girl” chic. Check out the brand here.        

Tiziana Mancarella, photos courtesy of Domingo Nardulli
             Cauchemar, which means nightmare, was born out of an insomnia-riddled night. With motifs such as the cross, heart, skull, and anchor as the driving forces behind the brand, it's devoted to creating clothes that embody youthful, urban comfort.

Cauchemar, photos courtesy of Nunzio Prenna

             Aurora Potenti remained true to its Italian roots, with the sun, sea, and bright colors of Tuscany seascapes finding their place in the designs. Models emerged in an eclectic assortment of styles: geometric prints, military-style buttons, or woolen pantsuits. On one end of the color spectrum were baby blues and pinks, while the olive greens and grays made for a contrasting yet complementary aesthetic. Check out the brand here.  

Aurora Potenti, photos courtesy of Domingo Nardulli and Nunzio Prenna 
             All of Luna Storta’s products start and end with the hard work of Italian artisans in the country itself. This is to ensure the genuine high quality of Luna Storta’s handbags. The brand boasts its versatility in creating bags that cater to women’s practical, everyday needs and bags that add the finishing touch to any outfit. While handbags need to be functional, that doesn’t mean they must forgo style and Luna Storta have managed to strike the tricky balance between the two. Check out the brand here.

Luna Storta, photos courtesy of Domingo Nardulli and Nunzio Prenna 
             De’Hart’s funky furs playfully closed the fashion show and nothing was off limits. Leopard print, vertical and horizontal stripes (at the same time!), cutesy hearts, camouflage, and the peace symbol represented a clear allegiance to the arts, music, and pop culture. In “notice-me” shades, De’Hart’s coats make it impossible to blend into the crowd and possible for the extrovert within all of us to come out and play. Check out the brand here.  

De'Hart, photos courtesy of Domingo Nardulli 
             London Fashion Kick might not have been London Fashion Week, but it wasn’t trying to be. The fashion show’s unique Italian flair was charming. It’s important to be well versed in fashion trends and designers from different countries, because inspiration can be derived from anywhere and everywhere.

             In other words, fashion matters and applies to everyone. Designs on the catwalks, as outlandish as they might appear at first, always have a way of trickling down to the masses in a toned-down form. London is the fashion hub in which I live, but having been educated more in Italian brands on the rise, I can now incorporate a sense of la dolce vita into my daily style.

             You can learn more about London Fashion Kick on the company's website here