February 04, 2015

My Slendertone Abs Journey: Week Four

Day 1 (left) of using the Slendertone System Abs Belt and Day 28 (right)
             Today, I have reached the one-month marker of using the Slendertone System Abs Belt! This will also be my last post charting my abs journey, but that does not now give me an excuse to start slacking. I plan to continue the good work that I have started and will see to it that I stay on track for the next two weeks. That will make for the recommended period of six weeks in total.

             Thank you all for joining me on my abs journey. If you missed weeks one to three, you can find all of those posts located on this page (or at their direct links: Week One, Week Two, Week Three). This past week, I continued to use the belt six days a week, with one rest day. I moved up from program four (Expert) to program five (Pro). The highest intensity level I reached while using program five was 99 (the maximum!) for the left side of my waist and 99 for the right side of my waist (compared to 90, 90 last week). Program six is undeniably a lot stronger than program five and the highest intensity level I have managed so far is 25 for the left side of my waist and 25 for the right side of my waist.

             I am very pleased with my results, especially considering the short duration I have been using the Slendertone System Abs Belt. I revel in pushing my body to its limits and gain immense pleasure from achieving those results. In all of the photos I have presented in my posts, I have not tampered with my stomach area through editing. What you see is what you get and I didn’t suck my stomach in (I promise!) either. Besides, that would be cheating anyway! Scattered throughout this post, I have included several photos to show you different angles of my abs, some with flash and some without. I have always had a love for crop tops, but now I have the perfect excuse to wear them!

             The Slendertone System Abs Belt is not a “miracle” product and nor does it claim to be, but it does add that extra “oomph” to your workout regime. When used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle involving regular exercise and good eating habits, the belt acts as a helping hand. While I was browsing fitness inspiration online, I stumbled across a mantra that particularly caught my eye: You Earn Your Body. Nothing that is worth having comes easily. Your body is a miraculous thing that can be trained, toned, and morphed, but it takes your dedication to get it there. Make something a daily occurrence and eventually it will become a habit. Today is just as good a day to start as any!

It all starts with you, photo courtesy of Pinterest
             You can browse and buy all Slendertone products from their official website here and additionally at Amazon, Argos, Boots, and Littlewoods. The lovely people at Slendertone are offering you a 10 percent discount when you enter the promo code GOLD10 online at the checkout, so get clicking and good luck on your Slendertone journey!

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