January 21, 2015

My Slendertone Abs Journey: Week Two

Day 1 (left) of using the Slendertone System Abs Belt and Day 14 (right)
             Things are getting pretty serious between my Slendertone System Abs Belt and me. I’m hoping that we’ll make things official in a couple of weeks. Let me not get ahead of myself here though. We’re still in our honeymoon period and today marks our second week anniversary. We have both stuck it out thus far and I have to say that it has been a very healthy and conducive relationship! If you’d like to chart my journey during week one, simply view the post below or find it here.

             I am continuing to use the belt six days a week, with one rest day to allow my muscles to recuperate. I definitely think that my abs are starting to take shape and that my stomach area is becoming leaner. In the before and after photos above, you will see that I am beginning to slowly but surely arrive at visible results. The highest intensity level I have achieved on the belt has bumped up to 70 for the left side of my waist and 70 for the right side of my waist (compared to 50, 50 last week). I have also moved up to program four (Expert) from program three (Advanced), which increases the toning power. Bring it on! 

             Using the belt has slotted into my daily routine nicely and knowing I’ve completed a session for the day also helps me to make healthier eating and lifestyle choices. I walk to and from my university campus (weather permitting) and I am continuing to use the cardio and body sculpting DVDs. I tried out the abs and hips, thighs, & buns workouts for the first time this week, so my yoga mat has been receiving its fair share of attention as well! Pairing the belt with an additional abs workout left me with some muscle soreness the following day, but it was certainly thorough! As I said last week, nothing substitutes good old-fashioned exercise. Remember: don’t just focus on toning one part of your body, or else you’ll end up violating the general principle of a major workout code…

Avoid making a workout no-no and apply this philosophy to all of your body, not just your legs! Photo courtesy of Pinterest

             Well, I’ve reached the halfway point on my abs journey and I look forward to sharing the next two weeks with you! Make sure to check back next Wednesday as I chart week three with the Slendertone System Abs Belt. In terms of progress, there’s only one way to go and that’s up! You can browse and buy all Slendertone products from their official website here and additionally at Amazon, Argos, Boots, and Littlewoods.

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