January 29, 2015

My Slendertone Abs Journey: Week Three

Day 1 (left) of using the Slendertone System Abs Belt and Day 21 (right)
             Three weeks down, one to go; I have almost achieved an entire month of using the Slendertone System Abs Belt! Chart my journey during week one here and week two here, or just scroll down this page! For today’s update, I thought I would inform you that I am still consistently using the belt six days a week, with one rest day. The highest intensity level I have achieved on the belt has bumped up to 90 for the left side of my waist and 90 for the right side of my waist (compared to 70, 70 last week), using program four (Expert).

             Based on the before and after photos above, I feel that I am now starting to gain some definition in my abs, which are steadily becoming more outlined. I have also noticed that my waist looks visually slimmer. Patience is a virtue (one that I do not possess) and following anything through until its completion has very rewarding results! It can be tempting to give up if you’re feeling despondent about a lack of glaringly obvious improvements, but even bodybuilders had to start somewhere!

             It’s important to keep in mind that three months is the minimum amount of time you should give yourself before you start witnessing results. Slendertone recommends four-to-six weeks of consistent use (five or six days a week) for the System Abs Belt. After that, you can drop your sessions down to two or three days a week.

             My trusty workout DVDs are still taking this journey with me and I am continuing to eat healthily, while walking as much as I can, whenever I can! Working out doesn’t have to be a chore. It can actually be enjoyable (Zumba, anyone?)! I’ve found that listening to music that pumps me up throughout the workout is really motivating. Find what works for you, whether that be buying workout gear that makes you feel good (neon colors are so fun!), setting aside a specific time to exercise each day, or even bringing your friends along for the ride.

             There is an actual science behind working out. Regular exercise has been proven to reduce stress, keep feelings of anxiety and depression at bay, boost self-esteem, and improve sleep. It also increases energy levels, which leads to a more productive you! A Nike attitude is essential and one that personally really helps me. If you work out as soon as you get home or as soon as is convenient for you, you’ll feel much better knowing you didn’t put it off. The likelihood of not wanting to rally yourself around later is extremely high, so “just do it!”

 Photo courtesy of Nike
             That’s what’s so good about the Slendertone System Abs Belt as well. You feel like you’ve achieved something after each session, which has a domino effect. You use the belt, which spurs you on to exercise, which makes you want to eat better - all of which aids the toning process. Now, go release some endorphins!

             Join me next week as I mark one month of using the belt in my final progress post. Let’s make it a good one! You can browse and buy all Slendertone products from their official website here and additionally at Amazon, Argos, Boots, and Littlewoods.

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