April 01, 2014

Bloggers Fashion Week: Where the Virtual Embraces the Actual

             Move over London Fashion Week. There’s a newcomer on the catwalk that goes by the name of Bloggers Fashion Week. Establishing itself for the first time this March and hosted by Bloggers Love, which organizes events for bloggers, you are sure to catch this three-day event on every blogger’s hot list. Just the place to put a face to a blog, The Penthouse in Leicester Square designated its seventh and eighth floors to the blogger sphere. The to-die-for London skyline featured the electric blue London Eye overseeing the proceedings.  

             Blogging starts with a passion that gradually builds up a following, which is further perpetuated by networking. There are hundreds of blogs run by individuals teeming with talent and diverse interests, but sometimes it can be hard to reach out when we are restricted by our computer screens. That is why it is highly advantageous to connect with fellow bloggers whenever the opportunity presents itself.

             Bloggers Fashion Week started with a “summer garden chic” dress code, bloggers boutique, and multi-brand and highlight fashion shows. The models of the multi-brand fashion show were styled by bloggers, while the highlight fashion show featured one retailer/designer. We were spoiled for choice as we perused various designers and their fashion mediums. A tradeoff was available from Swap In The City if we wished to exchange some of our previously worn, but well-kept clothing items with other bloggers. The assembled guests were then allocated seats to have a good look at what trends we should be adopting now, with brand Reiss stealing the show.

Guirado Design scarves
Rachel Black Millinery; how sweet are those bow hats?!
Tutti Rouge lingerie
Olivia Cox, presenter of Bloggers Fashion Week
I am experiencing severe separation anxiety from this eye-popping Reiss suit

             Unfortunately, I was unable to make the next day’s festivities, where “mad hatters tea party chic” was the sartorial suggestion. A blogging master class was held to help bloggers up the ante on their skills, alongside more fashion shows - with the attention placed on Debenhams and Specsavers.

             However, on day three I travelled in style by way of a streamlined, glossy black Mercedes-Benz to celebrate the triumph of Bloggers Fashion Week as it wound down. The complimentary ride came courtesy of Bloggers Love and Uber, a company that allows you to order a car directly from your mobile. Hey, the life of a blogger is hard.

             “All black city chic,” my style go-to, was a no-brainer as I lost myself amongst a sea of other sharply and well turned out bloggers. I made a beeline for the bloggers beauty bar, where I joined a long line of eager ladies waiting to get their nails beautified and accessorized. With the London sunshine holding up recently, I had an assortment of Easter egg pastels to choose from, selecting a seafoam green polish with a classic black and white houndstooth accent for my ring fingers. The manicurist must have seen dozens of nails that day and I applaud her skills, finishing off faultless paint jobs and requested designs in about 15 minutes.

             Umberto Giannini, Sleep-In Rollers, Bravura London, Vita Liberata (live tanning area), Headmasters (blow dry bar), and Lash Perfect (lash bar) were amongst the brands that had set up shop for the evening. The perks of this were definitely not limited to the goodie bags we received with samples, but representatives were more than happy to explain all about their products, providing us with expert tips and tricks.

             Umberto Giannini has a wide range of hair products, one such being the Grunge Glamour Tousled Salt Spray from the Glam Hair collection, which smells amazing! I have previously tried salt spray from VO5 and Label.m and I am a huge fan of the look it achieves, so I have decided to do a mini product review of Umberto Giannini’s, which can be bought at any Boots store for about six pounds. The great thing about salt spray is that it’s incredibly simple to use and it gives hair a matte texture while creating sexy beach waves that every girl wants to master. 

             Let me just start off by saying that I have very fine, straight hair and I am not exactly adept at using a curling iron, but I love wavy or curly hair! Hence, I am always looking for shortcuts on how to fake my way there. No one has ample amounts of time in the morning to waste on doing their hair, so just follow these four simple steps and I guarantee you’ll have "the look that says you haven't tried, you just are this gorgeous," as the packaging suggests.

Step 1. Spray Umberto Giannini's Grunge Glamour Tousled Salt Spray generously in damp or dry hair and secure in a bun before bedtime.
Step 2. When you wake up in the morning, lean your head forward and shake your hair out after undoing your bun.
Step 3. Voilà! Perfectly tousled beach waves.
Step 4. Style as desired. I always find myself reaching for a hat to add the finishing touch.

             Before being hit with a double whammy of highlight fashion shows from Gerda Truubon and Girl Meets Dress, I played around in the giant photo booth that was clearly a big hit with everyone and an ingenious icebreaker. We all fought our way into the booth once, twice, even three times to pose with assorted props, joined by our new blogger friends. Then, all that was left to do was to sit back and enjoy the show as the DJ pounded the bass while the models pounded the catwalk.

Photo booth fun

             Business cards were exchanged and friendships were formed, making the blogging world all that little bit less lonely. Bloggers Fashion Week was a resounding success, so you had better get blogging if you want to attend the next one! I have been blogging for almost a year now, but the road has in no way been a predictable or boring one! Blogging comes with its ups and downs, but Bloggers Fashion Week left me on a very, very big high.

The Girl Meets Dress duo
I could not get enough of these bold chain-focused dresses from Gerda Truubon

             To learn more about Bloggers Love and get involved, check them out here. For your own lavish Uber experience, sign up here. Explore Reiss here and Umberto Giannini here. Be inspired by Girl Meets Dress here and Gerda Truubon here. For directions on how to find The Penthouse, see here

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