May 21, 2013

A Surge of Serge DeNîmes: A Conversation With Oliver Proudlock

Photo courtesy of Sven Eselgroth for STYLE etc magazine
             While Oliver Proudlock is mostly recognized for starring in British reality television series, Made in Chelsea, his noteworthy fashion brand, Serge DeNîmes, deserves just as much limelight. Proudlock started the business in 2011, christening it Serge DeNîmes after a fabric called serge made in Nîmes, France. Today it it more commonly known as denim. Serge DeNîmes is based mainly around t-shirt and sweatshirt designs, but also branches out into beanies, hats, and jewelry. Due to the brand’s simplicity and versatility, it does not discriminate against the wearer, whether they be male or female. Indeed, the clothing line is very much unisex and exists to conform to the style of the individual. Serge DeNîmes combines all of the aspects that make me a strong advocate of fashion – minimalism, art, and statement. Not only is the brand stylish, but it is a unique revival of what it means to stand out from the crowd, something that all city-dwellers hanker after.  

             Armed with some questions for Proudlock, I was kindly given the opportunity to have them put through and answered by him. I would like to give a big thank you to Emily Austen and Oliver Proudlock for making this interview possible. 

Laura Rutkowski: What has been most rewarding about creating and maintaining your own clothing brand?

Oliver Proudlock: There is nothing more rewarding that has happened to me. 

LR: Describe your ideal piece of denim wear. 

OP: It would have to be my vintage Levi’s denim jacket. 

LR: A Serge DeNîmes pop-up store is set to open this summer. What are your hopes for the store and what can we expect?

OP: It is not yet 100 percent confirmed, but we hope to be opening a pop-up on Carnaby Street from mid-June to mid-July. We will be showcasing our exclusive summer collection, as well as stocking alongside some really cool brands that we have personally selected. Alongside this we will be hosting various creative events throughout the month. All in all, we will be pushing the three things that are so important and embedded within the Serge ethos: Music, Art, and Fashion.

LR: What is one item that everyone should own from the collection?

OP: I would say the Serge DeNîmes Block T-shirt in black or white.

Photo courtesy of Serge DeNîmes
LR: Currently, Serge DeNîmes can be bought online and from select stockists. Would you like to have a permanent address for the brand?

OP: At the moment we love to be stocked in selected, exclusive boutiques, as well as doing pop-up shops in various locations. I feel this keeps the brand fresh and exciting, but you never know, one day we may plan to open our own flagship store.

LR:  How would you sum up your style and the influence of fashion in your life?
OP: I would say my style is casual, eclectic, and urban. Fashion has always been an important part of my life. My mum was a designer, so it is in my blood. It is all around us and is an important form of expression and individuality.     

LR: What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs like yourself who want to start their own business?

OP: I would say take your time; patience is key. Nothing in life comes easy, so don’t feel disheartened if it doesn’t happen overnight. You have to be passionate and love what you do, and surround yourself with like-minded individuals who have your best interest at heart. All in all, don’t give up!

LR: What do you envision for the future of Serge DeNîmes?

OP: I hope to expand the brand into new products and eventually move into being a denim-based brand, as well as move the brand around the world, introducing it to the USA and the Asian market. Another major part of the brand is I want it to be a platform for up-and-coming creatives, so in years to come, I hope that this platform will be a recognized enterprise within the creative industry.

Photo courtesy of Serge DeNîmes
             I’ll certainly be keeping my eyes peeled for the Serge DeNîmes pop-up store this summer, hoping to check the brand’s black beanie and floral cross tee off my wardrobe wish list. London, rightfully one of the world’s fashion capitals, sees a constant influx of new trends, styles, and designers. Proudlock has contributed his own flavor to the endlessly evolving fashion world here in London, and for that, he’s done the city more than proud.

             View the official Serge DeNîmes website, which includes the online store, hereYou can also find inspiration on Proudlock’s style blog here, where not only he is spotlighted, but other male street style outfits as well.

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